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Game Reviewed Mystic Quest (APRIL FOOLS DEMO), by GuyFromOuterSpace
Review Author AveCoo
Created May 8 2022, 8:41 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mystic Quest feels like it just doesn’t know what it wants to be. The initial rush of tight, action gameplay together with extremely punchy sound design and vicious colour grading makes for an experience that feels just plain cool. Unfortunately this initial level is, or at least feels like, an afterthought for the real meat and potatoes lurking within - a bludgeoned pulp of a dead horse that is 2002 MFGG… humour? I’m gonna go with humour.
Pros - The first level feels amazing - the platforming is tight and precise, colours are red and aggressive, and the sound design (even though it’s just full of references) is loud, in your face and makes you feel cool!
- The under construction idea is okay, I guess. It got a chuckle when I could just make it out at first.
Cons - Everything after the first level feels unabashedly derivative and unoriginal. It almost comes full circle from being so unfunny that it becomes funny again…
- The lack of intention and direction for the jokes makes the general reaction to everything being talked at to me a resounding “ok”.
5 / 10
Generally tight platforming with a cool camera that has a nice natural swing to it. The general feel gives me a bit of a power trip - it almost feels like you’re leaving the cameraman behind and nothing can take me down. It feels dope.

Everything beyond the first level feels stiff and generic. I have no idea why the platforming system would change but it does. The following levels are riddled with enemies that take 5 hits to take you down or single hit, disjointed under construction signs. It’s generally just frustrating and unfun.

I ended up accidentally pressing F2 while trying to look for a skip button to skip the lemon “fight” (make it all one screen, plz and thx; I can’t judge offscreen stuff too good). The F2 button reset the game and I played the first level another time all with a big dopey grin.

Wish I could give this section a better score since I see so much promise, but my hands are tied.
3 / 10
THE RED IS SO COOL. The virtual boy aesthetic and sparse landscapes are very cool looking… it’s like I’m far away watching Mario just freaking destroying stuff with ease. It feels tight and works well with the aggressive nature of the sound direction.

Can’t say anything beyond the starting point looks or feels good. Everything looks abrasive and amateurish (for the lulz, ofc) and doesn’t come across as anything really. It feels devoid of personality and, even though there’s mountains of variety, samey. It all falls under the “lol, so random” category and thus doesn’t stick its landing at all. I really don’t think Waligie is funny on his own, it’s the surrounding context that gave him his humour.

Under construction was funnyish though. The cutscene was dope too, what was it from?
5 / 10
Punchy SFX, I love it! It’s so crisp and saturated, it feels like you’re listening to an 80s action movie. Mad respect for that.

Other than that, we get “blast” - of course an iconic line that will be forever in my mind next to the lemon bounce sound effect. It seems memorable in less of a comedic genius way and more in a 3-year-old who won’t stop saying “why?” way.

Music was solid too, I enjoyed all the music choices for the levels but the fanfares are too randumb for my liking.
Final Words
4 / 10
Blast! This game is still under construction.

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May 18 2022, 7:22 PM
this game was pretty rushed (even the first level) for april fools, but hey its good to know that my level designing is getting better in each game (despite not making a new game in a few years).
i will probably finish this game soon when I feel like it since it was suppose to be on and not mfgg (I mentioned this on the forums), also I will not use the same waligie joke in a newer april fools game because I can see them getting annoying as bloody hell (ill probably make waligie as a cameo in one game in a background I don't know yet).

Thanks for the review and cheers mate!
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