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Game Reviewed Shark Chomp Run DX, by Luigibonus
Review Author AveCoo
Created May 8 2022, 8:37 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What a cool premise! This game truly feels deserving of the deluxe title, given the options and graphic polish on display here.
Pros - Random levels and online scoreboards give the game so much potential to be addictive.
- Graphics are the strong suit. There’s some incredible attention to details.
- Lots of options and choices.
- The quick fall mechanic is a good solution to a problem that shouldn’t be there.
Cons - Feels a bit out of genre having standard platformer mechanics as opposed to auto runner mechanics.
- Random levels feel unintelligent and lack a difficulty arc.
- Frustrating for beginners (me).
- The quick fall mechanic is a good solution to a problem that shouldn’t be there.
4 / 10
It’s very odd that this game isn’t an auto-runner. The freedom of movement speed that the level design demands just isn't there unfortunately. I can either stop or go (or go left and get a -50 score which is hilarious). I can’t choose to go slowly or sprint, and it feels just a bit off as a result. The solution to add a quickfall feels like a solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist, and just creates more coordination difficulty. The use of incentives for more difficult paths is brilliant and feels very Super Mario Run, which makes this stop/go control decision seem all the more odd.

Luckily the levels are all very varied thanks to random generation (SO COOL) and make it all very replayable. The online scoreboard system is also fantastic for creating a solid gameplay loop - I gotta see those highscores go uuuuuuup!

Random levels are a dope idea, but I’m not feeling the magic of the trick too much. The levels FEEL random as opposed to intelligently put together. It would be nice to have the levels ramp in difficulty over time or have longer stretches of time to catch your breath. The first dozen rounds I had felt needlessly brutal and, if I didn’t go in with the express intent to review this game, would make me want to throw in the towel too soon. Which would have sucked, ngl.
9 / 10
Gorgeous! The palette is vivid and pops so well. The main draw is the attention to the little details - it’s nothing short of terrific. There’s so many background layers it's ridiculous. The way the menu transitions, the pipes fall and the after images occur are all so appealing. The squash and stretch, turn and little jump in the intro animation is so charming and adorable too. It’s all so unnecessary, but so welcome as extra little details.

Also, did I mention there’s 4 themes and you can pick from 7 characters ?? Crazy.
6 / 10
Making a choice for music tracks is always difficult - so why not give the choice to me? ME! Adding options for the tracks is good, but all the tracks fit the situation with different energies so there’s something for everyone.

The sound effects are all pretty solid too. The destruction sounds are very light, but so is the feeling of the overall game so it’s appropriate. One main gripe I have is with the silence of the main character (whoever you choose, of course). There’s such a big opportunity to differentiate them all with some voice clips - I know I’d scream if I saw I woke up a giant chain chomp that’s out for blood.
Final Words
6 / 10
This game is such a solid base for an awesome minigame! The little details are polished to perfection-and-a-half, but lack a solid foundation to really make them shine.

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