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Game Reviewed Sonic the Hedgehog: Labyrinth Leakage, by VideoGameKid265
Review Author Q-Nova
Created May 4 2022, 7:44 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Sonic the Hedgehog: Labyrinth Leakage is VideoGameKid265's game-making debut and his entry for MFGG's game contest in the summer of 2020. Based on the infamous Labyrinth Zone from the original Sonic the Hedghehog game, VideoGameKid265's minigame shows some promise and creativity. Of all the games made for the contest, I'd say Labyrinth Leakage fits the theme, "Too Much Water", the best. Sadly, however, the game isn't much fun, thanks to design and programming flaws.

NOTE: I've only played the browser version of this game. The desktop version is incompatible with my version of Windows.
Pros +Creative idea
+Good sound choices
+Temporarily keeps your best time
Cons -Getting on platforms is sometimes difficult
-Air loss is too fast and regeneration is too slow
-Water is practically impossible to drain
-Some blurry graphics
3 / 10
Dr. Eggman has finally found the best way to defeat Sonic: Drown him in a chamber with flooding water. As Sonic, you must destroy the water generators to delay the flood. New generators will spawn at an increasing rate. The game keeps going until Sonic loses all of his air in the rising water.

From the idea, this could've been a very fun game. Unfortunately, many problems keep that potential from being fully realized. While Sonic plays alright, he sometimes struggles to get on the platforms; a huge problem for this kind of game. While the water could lower if you destroy enough generators in a quick time span, such generators will pop back up almost instantly. Add this to the fact that Sonic loses air in the water very quickly and regains air above the water very slowly, and you're pretty much guaranteed to be a goner in within a minute.
6 / 10
Sonic 1 graphics may not be the most creative selection, but they fit very well for this sort of game. However, some images look blurry (the water especially) and others don't, so a few points get docked here.
8 / 10
The Genesis Sonic music used, including the nice Labyrinth Zone theme, sound like ideal choices, although the low-air panic theme sounds weird when it loops. It might be better if it didn't play when Sonic is out of water, even if low on air. The sound effect selections seem obvious, but work very well and sound good. It's nice that there's a sound to indicate whenever a new generator appeared.

==Replay: 2/10==

I've been playing this for about an hour, and I keep dying at sometime between 60 and 90 seconds. I once just stood at the top of the room, doing nothing, and drowned within a minute. It's nice that the game tracks your best time (at least until you close your browser), but sadly, if I can't seem to get any better and I'm not having much fun, then I don't really see myself coming back to this.
Final Words
3 / 10
Labyrinth Leakage presents a good concept that could be very fun, but is poorly executed, sadly.

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