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Game Reviewed SMW: Not Over Yet, by Mirann, Mayonnai
Review Author Tech
Created Sep 4 2019, 5:22 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Exploring the "Hacks" section on the site to see what it has to offer, and came across this rom hack. It does not disappoint. It's short, but sweet and simple. Like in the title, this review's not over yet!
Pros + Feels polished
+ Different coloured vanilla sprites/backgrounds
+ Overworld looks great
+ Different music
+ No over-the-top extras
Cons - Felt too short
- No final boss
7 / 10
The hack feels complete, from the start of the overworld, to the last level. Controls are the same as in the original game. Level design is basic, but follows the style of the original game, as you jump and dodge past your favourite returning enemies, and collecting the 5 star coins scattered throughout each level. There isn't just one theme the hack follows; there are a variety of themes. It's a good vanilla hack that doesn't feel over-the-top with unnecessary added stuff. The hack could have used a (mini) boss, as the original SMW worlds had; it's a main factor in what seems like too short of a hack, just as you're really getting into it.
8 / 10
The graphics look very similar to the original game, as expected. The different colour palette used for the backgrounds and other sprites works well in making the hack feel like it really is an extra world. It feels vanilla but it doesn't at the same time. There weren't any odd looking sprites; the whole hack is easy on the eyes. There are more visually pleasing sprites for hacks out there, but for a game that feels vanilla, it follows that theme very well.
6 / 10
The background music used for the overworld and levels were different; it makes the hack not feel so vanilla. As good as it is to have different music, I can see the original music working just as good with this hack.
Final Words
7 / 10
Look no more for a short but sweet polished SMW hack that will keep you on your bored toes!

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