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Game Reviewed Mallow Maze 2 - Switch It Up, by mtbottlepro
Review Author littlelum
Created Jan 26 2018, 1:18 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
In short, Mallow Maze 2 is a game with a terrible rating, and almost everyone hates it. Does it live up to its infamous reputation? I think not. (Well, sort of)
Pros I slightly enjoyed it
Not as bad as everyone says
Cons It's a bit boring and repetitive
There's a first?
3 / 10
Basicly, you play as mallow (who doesn't look like himself) who has to navigate simple mazes. To make blocks disapear, touch its corresponding ? block. Same with lethal clouds, too. Controlls are iffy, but not terrible,
4 / 10
Simple blocks from SMB1 with some recolering. However, the star animation looks nice.
2 / 10
With no sound effects and a highly annoying and random music, there's not much to say and gets a low score.
2 / 10
Surprisingly, I did find myself replaying this, but only to finish all the levels. A second play through isn't advisable, but it's still possible to have fun.
Final Words
3 / 10
This game isn't as bad as people say as it is and I actually enjoyed it for a bit, but honestly, this game isn't that good.

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