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Game Reviewed Paper Mario World, by Superadammario
Review Author SRGPaladin
Created Jan 20 2018, 12:23 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is the essence of s***posting. What's interesting is I'm not even sure this is what the maker intended. This could be the greatest historical, albeit sarcastic, commentary on the state of Multimedia Fusion fangames in the early 2000s.

Yet, it's quite possible Superadammario thought this s***fest of a game was actually a good idea and unironically posted it as his Magnum Opus. The world may never know. Perhaps we don't need to know.

Perhaps we don't want to know.
Pros +top tier bants
+bad fangame memes
Cons -not even sure it was intentional?
-cancerfication of Mario RPG!?
10 / 10
The Youtube Poop of gameplay. Wonderfully varied, but without reason, and without turning a single assumption about Mario games on its head. As a matter of fact, if "The Assumptions About Mario Games" was a painting mounted on a wall, Superadammario not only refrained from even tilting the frame a bit crooked, but instead proceeded to smear his fecal matter all over the painting and call it his own work of art.

T-this is the power of TRUE art!?
1 / 10
Look at the meticulous work put into the transitions between each level. No literally, I swear each level has a different meaningless graphical transition. Is this not a tribute to the dreams of artists around the world; a call to arms!?

...Wait what? You forgot the SNES pixel transition? You did literally every transition EXCEPT the one transition that would have forced Super Mario World to scream to the heavens for vengeance over your blasphemy?

What a disappointment.
10 / 10
Ah, I love the sound of overlapping background music tracks in the morning. It's enhanced by the lag that occurs whenever a track starts.

Now, a prime example of efficiency is the free jump sound dispensers. You can get jump sounds as quickly as you can press the jump button, even when you aren't jumping. Is this not someone who loves the Earth and its environment enough to create the most efficient instant gratification machine in existence!?
10 / 10
I literally cannot stop playing this game. Heck, it might as well replace Windows as my operating system for how much I'm playing it.


For the love of God, help me.
Final Words
1 / 10
Nice meme.

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