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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros PC, by Dr. Misfire
Review Author SMBXfan
Created Oct 17 2018, 11:03 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This is the worst fangame that I have ever played or reviewed. This game is practically the Foodfight of MFGG.

12 year old Dr. Misfire attempts to create a modified version of New Super Mario Bros, just like Lawrence Kassanoff wanted to make his own Toy Story. Both projects failed absolutely miserably, and both just decided to release it out there and just get it completely over with.

I shouldn't call this a game, and I am tempted to put the word "game" in scare quotes.

As for what the creator said of this "game",
"This game is terrible, I want to see this game get torn to pieces. I thought that this game was fine at the time of me being 12 but now I can't freaking stand this game. DESTROY THIS GAME! NO MERCY!!!"

Honestly, I wholeheartedly agree.
Pros -The music is half-decent. THAT'S IT!
-The creator wants this garbage "game" to die. Some bad fangame creators thought their games were actually good, believe it or not.
Cons I'll let Dr. Misfire himself sum it up:

-"The title screen is terrible. The collision in the game makes Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing look stable. And overall I didn't have a pleasant experience making this game."
1 / 10
The gameplay is absolute garbage.

The controls are completely awkward, with Z to fire and run and Space to jump, but it was the least of the gameplay's issues.

The collision detection between platforms, enemies, and anything doesn't work. I couldn't get past the Level 2 part with the moving platforms because the collision detection was so bad.

Sometimes I kill the enemy and I die or turn into Small Mario at the same time. I could bounce on koopa shells and keep traveling on them, or die trying to actually kick them. This "game" is really, really glitchy.

What fun is had to be made in this "game" when the creator didn't even have fun making it?
1 / 10
The clashing is some of the worst I've ever seen.

The tiling, the player and enemy sprites, backgrounds all clash with each other and look like utter garbage.

The text and HUD is bad, and the title screen is bad.

The tiles aren't even set properly. Overall, it's an eyesore to look at.
5 / 10
I'll at least give it that, the music is OK. But the sound effects don't really fit with the "game".

The music was ripped straight from better Mario games that you would actually want to play.

Nothing more. Nothing less.
1 / 10
There is no play value, so why is there replay value in this "game"?

This doesn't even serve as how-not-to guide for making a fangame, because it is just that bad.

Honestly, Super Mario: Hard Game had more replay value, because it was exactly how not to make a fangame.
Final Words
1 / 10
Dr. Misfire was right. This game is really bad and ought to be destroyed.

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