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Game Reviewed Break Mario Out, by Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0 
Review Author Hypernova
Created Oct 26 2018, 3:13 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Breakout is a video developed and published by Atari in May 13, 1976 with an influence of Pong. Part of the development team is none other than Steve Wozniak who is one of the founding fathers of Apple Computers. The success of Breakout has spawned many more titles, ports, and clones. Unfortunately this game fails to capture what Breakout really is nor it really stand out by any means.
Pros I want to include some positive details but unfortunately I can't seem to find any. At least it is an attempt.
Cons - Little to no game play
- Little to no graphics
- Almost unbeatable
- The only button for continuing the game doesn't work sometimes.
1 / 10
As soon as you start the game, it kicks you right into the game without any warning. You play as Mario who bounce a Bob-omb around and destroy all of the bricks in the room. The ball physics is probably based on the Clickteam's Breakout physics. Destroying all of the blocks in the room is almost impossible due to several factors:
- Unpredictable Clickteam's default physics.
- Unlike the original Breakout where you have some control where you want to move the ball, this game is more of a luck based.
- Mario is incredible small for a paddle.
- When the game starts, sometimes the ball (Bob-omb) spawns at a location and/or move towards the direction that is impossible to reach.
- This game does not tolerate any mistake, one slip and it's game over.

As soon as you lost, it boots you into the Game Over screen. The only button on the screen to continue the game doesn't work sometimes.
1 / 10
Little to no graphics. The main game play room is consists of a default teal background with SMB3 styled Bob-omb, bricks, and Mario who is stuck in his trademark jumping pose.

The Game Over screen is just a black screen with the red Comic Sans "Game Over" text and a "Continue" button.
1 / 10
There's nothing much I can describe for the audio. The main game play music is a MIDI rendition of the SMB1 underwater music. There are also 2 game over music I heard somewhere before but I don't remember what are these exactly. At least the MIDI is okay. This game only has the 8-bit Mario brick breaking and bumping sounds.
0 / 10
With almost no gameplay. It is more entertaining watching the paint dry than playing this game. I have more interactions writing this review than playing the game.
Final Words
0 / 10
I hate to be that person but there's little to no game play. This game made Mario Minigame Mayhem looked good. I would've prefer playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with an Atari 5200 controller.

But don't let these words get to you and give up. If it fails, try again. Success is a result from series of failures.

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