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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros PC, by Dr. Misfire
Review Author Dr. Misfire
Created Oct 28 2018, 4:58 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Normally you'd expect a creator to be biased toward his own products. Today that changes.
Pros Decent Music
Cons Terrible Gameplay
Terrible Control Layout
Awful Fusion of Sprite Styles
Nonsensical Collision
1 / 10
Z to run, Space to Jump. Space to Jump. Space to JUMP. I can explain why this control layout was so terrible.

Before I made this game I had a friend who didn't like the Z-run X-Jump layout of most of my games made at the time. They wanted to run with Z and jump with Space. I took the criticism into consideration, not knowing that the control scheme would be the most heinous, garbage to be presented on a keyboard.

The rest is inexcusable. Collisions don't work. Invisible Blocks are able to be walked on BEFORE THEY ARE OPENED. Platforms...just don't work. (Tip: If you want to circumvent this terror and for some reason want to make it farther in the game, just constantly jump on top of the platform when it's moving up.)
2 / 10
The sprites, by themselves, are great! Meshed together, it's a nightmare. The background gives a Paper Mario vibe, but the Mario sprite is the Mario and Luigi classic sprite, and the enemy sprites are all different styles and UGH! It's disgusting to look at.
4 / 10
Decent music. Nothing else to say. Some MIDI tracks are just knives in your ears. Though one thing I haven't seen brought up is that Mario has the exact same sound clip. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. HE JUMPS! It gets so annoying and maddeningly irritating, that there is no language to describe the insanity caused by "YAH,YAH,YAH,YAH,YAH!"
1 / 10
Final Words
1 / 10
If this was released in the early 2000's, I would say it's okay, but time this was made was 2015 and in 2015 it was a piece of garbage then and in 2018 it is a piece of garbage now. Avoid at all cost. I hope to achieve a greater quality with future games I make.

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