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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros PC, by Dr. Misfire
Review Author Fun With Despair
Created Oct 9 2018, 4:28 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Well, the description is honest. The game genuinely isn't very good, and I can see why it was abandoned. Unlike some of the more infamous "bad games" though, this one does show some degree of (perhaps misguided?) effort, and I'm proud of the user here for recognizing it.

That still doesn't make it pleasant to play though, and we'll get to that.
Pros +A sort of amateurish charm
Cons -Poor collisions
-Clashing graphics
-Bizarre tileset issues
5 / 10
On a technical level, the game does function. You can move, you can jump around, on a platforming level it DOES work, if we're being honest. Where it really falls apart are the collisions. Most of the time, you'll get stuck in or around blocks, blocks will get stuck on each other, or the items that pop out. Moving platforms are absolutely terrible as well.

But... It's charming. This is clearly a homemade engine, not some sort of premade Hello thing, and it's nice to see as a result. It's pretty bad, to be honest, but the effort is something I definitely respect, and it reminds me of something released a decade ago, in a very different time.
3 / 10
The actual sprites are a bit of a mess, frankly. Not that any individual sprite is awful, but nearly everything clashes in style, and a decent chunk of the enemies lack animation. While I included bonus points earlier for the charm, I'm not pulling any punches now. This comes off as more lazy than anything, as the creator at the time of making it clearly knew how sprite animations work, as Mario works just fine.

Now as for the tileset, this is the most dire flaw. It doesn't fit together quite right, so this awkward grid persists over the game, and it's slightly annoying. Beyond that though, the graphics range from unremarkable to lazy in general.
5 / 10
Fairly basic on the whole. Mostly just music from other Mario games, or remixes of said music. It's not really worth spending more than a couple sentences on, because it's not horrible, just extremely generic and forgettable.
1 / 10
Nah. None of this here. The game isn't great in the first place, but also there's literally nothing in the way of optional content or side areas. Unfortunately, I can't give the game much in this category, in both review length and in score.
Final Words
3 / 10
It's bad, but I've seen much worse. As an old attempt, it's got some charm that takes me back to the good old days where most of the submissions were on this (frankly quite low) level too.

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