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Game Reviewed Torpedo Ted, by SuperMakerPlayer, TrafficConeGod
Review Author Mors
Created Jun 25 2020, 3:48 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Here's a game that was made for the MFGG Fangame Jam in 7 days, and it's probably my second favorite one from the whole thing.
Pros + Quite fun!
+ Is very polished for a game jam game
+ Has a level editor
+ Looks nice
Cons - Can be a bit too hard, and too reliant on trial and error
- Turns are hard to react to
- The music is a bit of an overkill
- The sound effects are unremarkable
8 / 10
The gameplay is very close to those old Bullet Bill Flash games. Well, apparently anyway, I'd say it's been like 10 years since I last played any of those! So yeah, I can't really tell what's new or what's borrowed from there but either way, I find the gameplay quite fun.

You're essentially going really fast as a Torpedo Ted, smashing blocks and trying not to hit pipes. There's a twist tho, and by "twist" I mean literally. When you reach red arrows our Torpedo Ted turns, giving the stages a new "dimension". This helps the game from getting stale and makes the level design more interesting... but it also comes with a huge flaw.

Those turns? Yeah, they are very hard to react to. Like, you don't slow down much before those turns, and the level design doesn't really give you enough breathing room. It kind of adds a "trial and error" aspect to the game that I can't say I like a ton. And sure, it's better now compared to the game jam version, but I still find the turns a bit too sudden despite that to be quite honest. It's not a huge deal, it doesn't ruin the game but I'd enjoy the game more otherwise.

Some more variety for the gameplay as a whole would also be nice too but honestly, that's fine for a game jam game.

There are also multiple powerups you can choose. Those get filled by the coin blocks you kill in levels, and once they are filled you can use them. I like the clock one most since that makes some of the harder parts easier to react to. But yeah, they are a good addition too.

There's also a level editor. A LEVEL EDITOR. It's pretty easy to use and fun to mess with as well.
8 / 10
This is a very nice looking game I'd say. I've always had a soft spot for SMB1 SMAS graphics but those look especially good here for some reason. There's a ton of rotation effects etc mixed in, and while I usually hat that in fangame it looks surprisingly nice here somehow. I can't pinpoint why but it just fits perfectly.

The interface etc feels very polished too, of course it could be better but for what it is it's also pretty good.

So yeah, overall I'm a fan.
6 / 10
The tracks themselves are good, but I feel like there are some that just a bit of an overkill. Like they go a bit too hard for a game like this, if that makes sense? I have nothing against techno but yeah it doesn't fit perfectly.

As for the sound effects, they are just classic SNES era Mario sound effects. A bit disappointing, since those sound effects also don't work as well here. They kind of lack the punch the sound effects should have.
Final Words
8 / 10
Very impressive for a game jam game, but also really hard, not always in a fair feeling way.

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