Review Information
Game Reviewed Fishy Escape, by Mr. Scallion
Review Author Diego C.
Created Jun 18 2020, 3:11 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game itself is too hard: Toadette is slow, very slippery and jumps very low! Also the huge fish is crazy fast making him hard to dodge!
Pros Endless platformer: you can play as much as you want unless you get a game over!
Cons Toadette has an awfully slow moviment speed even with holding Z, jumps too low and she slips like she's standing on soap! Too much enemies to dodge, making this too easy to lose score! Speed of the huge fish is too high, impossible to dodge if you don't react in time!
7 / 10
The gameplay itself is really good, but there are too much enemies in screen, and due to lack of jumping height or moviment speed, they are hard to dodge.
8 / 10
Graphics are beautiful to see, SMW Toadette is too cute! I also like the hurting spirites, cheep cheeps are ok but buzzy beetles can be upgraded but they are ok.
7 / 10
Game over sound is a lot creepy, it should be SMW2 YI game over sound, it fits better the game
Final Words
6 / 10
A good fangame but really hard: Toadette moving speed is too low, her jump is low and too much enemies onscreen! Also the huge fish(who eats you) moves too fast!

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