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Game Reviewed Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection, by FanGuy
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Created May 29 2019, 1:37 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The Mario's Mansion trilogy always seemed interesting to me, even though, I only played the third one since years ago. I think it's because of the story, along with the self-insert (a well done, iconic one at that). I say it's also the fact that this is one of the few fangame trilogies out there that made this special. In fact, Mario's Mansion could've been known by everybody for only those three characteristics...

However though, FanGuy decided to do something that was unheard of back then in the fangaming scene. He would not only put all three games into one big adventure, but also remaster them to be more fun. Even Mario's Mansion 3, which was considered to be scrapped, would be redone and finished! It was going to be epic, I just know it! It's too bad that it was never finished, though, and given that FanGuy left MFGG many, many years ago, it's unlikely that it'll ever see the light of day.

It reminds me of when I also did a remake of one of my games (neither of which have been released on the Internet), although it faced the same fate as this remake...
Pros +Improves on the original Mario's Mansion games
+Nice custom Mario sprites
+Great music
+Amusing story
Cons -It wasn't finished! :(
-Bosses take too long
9 / 10
Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection, as it is right now, remasters the first three levels of the first Mario's Mansion game along with the bosses you get to face in them. Like most remakes, the game makes improvements and changes to the Mario's Mansion series, such as more health and how progress is saved for you, the latter of which means you don't have to use passwords anymore. One noticeable change has Mario drop the hammer that he used in the original games, and instead does the traditional way of fighting enemies by stomping onto them. It's different for Mario's Mansion, but I thought it worked out pretty well, and it made for some interesting situations.

While all of the enemies are from Yoshi's Island, FanGuy did some interesting changes to them. For example, Boos can now be defeated by luring them to lights, and in case you get cornered, you can even bounce on them as if they're jello! Sluggies are now grosser than before, as crushing them will leave behind a gooey mess that will weaken your walking and jump! Each enemy and level feels different, which is something I really appreciate. The bosses are pretty nice, although I feel like they have too much health. The first boss is fine, but the other ones take longer times until you can hit them, making the fights drag out for quite longer. I think it would've been better if the bosses had like five hearts.

One of the highlights in the Mario's Mansion series is the story, which is told through cutscenes that are really well made and even funny! My only complaint here is that the Enter key skips the cutscenes, while it's used to proceed or confirm in other areas. Seriously, what kind of control setup is that!? It made me skip a couple cutscenes when I didn't mean to!
9 / 10
Instead of using the Paper Mario sprites by Ninja that was rather popular at the time, Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection uses custom Mario sprites as a replacement, which makes this game look fresh! Mario even looks pretty cute, although I think that he's a wee bit too bright and has too little contrast for his colors when you get to see him with all of those Yoshi's Island graphics. I really like how the chapter and boss introduction screens look, the latter one even uses a cool effect! I noticed that a couple bosses have pixelated sprites, but I don't think they stick out too badly.
9 / 10
FanGuy does it again with the music choices here! They sound good and fit pretty well, although I think the SMB1 theme is a bit too happy given the place Mario is at. I didn't recognize all of the songs, but I think they may be from the Mario games. The chapter introductions are silent, when I feel like they should at least have some short melody playing. This game has really good sound effects, my favorite ones being the second boss' scream (that one made me go "Whoa!") and the sound used for the boss introduction screens.
5 / 10
As I said before, Mario's Mansion Perfect Collection is only a demo that is nothing but a few levels and bosses. The game was going to be so much more, but... whatever happened to FanGuy, it just... didn't. It's rather unfortunate, since what we've seen here is very awesome! *sigh* If only...
Final Words
8 / 10
This would've been perfect for those that are new or familiar to the Mario's Mansion games, especially if it was finished...

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