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Game Reviewed Super Mario Generations (Release Demo), by Ostrich101
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Created Mar 16 2019, 10:02 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Well, i never made a review before so...
I wanted to do it for this because when I looked the screenshots and all of that I thought it will be excellent, Well is good but it has little problems. (also, sorry if I misspell something wrong but I don't know a lot of English so... sorry)
Pros -Really good graphics, especially the Mario sprites
-A fantastic concept for a Mario game (Even though the concept is from sonic generations)
-Good choice of music and sounds
Cons -Not so good classic Mario physics
-Full screen mode doesn't work so well
-Little glitches
7 / 10
The Modern Mario physics are excellent using the ground pound, wall jump and the triple jump. He is really fun to play actually and the stages for him really try you too use that abilities (what is really nice)
The Classic Mario physics are well... regular, for two tings, when classic Mario jumps you cannot change the direction of the jump in mid-air, that doesn't happen in the classic games, well it happens but not in the way in this game happens, also I don't know but I feel when classic Mario runs he does it's a little slow in comparison of modern Mario.
9 / 10
The graphics of the game are actually pretty good, The both Mario's looks pretty good, Also the tile sets of the game, the enemies, items, HUD and the logo.
I don't know why but when a mushroom sprout of the item block it glitches a little (the mushroom moves to the left for a second), Also when I hit a red koopa and gets out of the shell the sprite of the koopa is the green one (I said that because the shoes of the koopa are green when it's supposed to be red) the shell of the koopa still red though, And when modern Mario gets down of the flagpole his sprite changes to another Mario, I don't why that happens but leaving that the graphics are fantastic.
9 / 10
Well this point is easy for one thing, most of the sounds and music are from Nintendo and from MFGG.
But hey, that's not bad, if you don't specialize in that area you can use sound and music from Mario and the community of MFGG (obviously if you give credit to the original authors and if they said if it can be used in your games.)
Most of fan-games uses sounds and music from the original product because they don't know how to make music and sounds, or they don't want to lose money paying someone that do it for them.
So in the music and sounds are good choice depending on classic Mario and Modern Mario, each one uses music and sounds from them era.
7 / 10
Well, I would really think about it when I think to replay this game, my answer will be yes but, More than anything by Modern Mario because he plays excellent and hearing those modern sounds it just feels nice, and classic Mario is a little a pain in the ass.
And the fact that this games is just a demo and not a full game.
Final Words
8 / 10
It's a decent game that I will sometimes play just for modern Mario, classic Mario sucks a bit, And I really want to see the full version of the game.

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Mar 25 2019, 4:31 AM
So hi, so I saw you had issues, and I do want to clear somethings.

First off, did you change the controls of the game? If not, then I really am confused, as nobody had issues with Classic Mario before.

Second, the music is actually custom, the only exceptions are Peach's Castle and the Underground levels.

Third, what exactly is wrong with the full screen?

Plus, what were the glitches that you saw?
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