Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario: Magnum Opus (DEMO 0.1), by grizzledwarveteran23
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Dec 20 2020, 5:31 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Good game, but frustratingly fangame-like. I had difficulty with moving to high platforms. However, keep up the good work!
Pros + Responsive controls
+ Neat gameplay
+ Good physics
Cons - Shot down is tough
- Slippery a bit
7 / 10
I had difficulty the first play through of this game. While it wasn't so tough to shoot goombas, I had no idea how to cross large gaps. Shooting down did not come intuitively to me.
Once I was told shooting down was an option, it was still a challenge. I found myself dying near constantly. I suggest lowering the tiles on high jumps by one tile, it would be easier.
Overall good gameplay.
6 / 10
Graphics are subpar. These are ripped sprites from Mario and Luigi. Clashing weird trees that look very much like Microsoft Paint. Goombas and all other enemies are like that as well. Suggest fixing the graphics, but you don't need to as I know it's a style choice.
Overall decent graphics.
6 / 10
Sound could use some work. There is a good song in the background. However, some sounds seem flat and could be implemented. I enjoyed Mario and Luigi's voices, that was a nice touch.
Overall decent sound.
Final Words
7 / 10
I like the game. I know I was tough with this review, but I believe this game could be more than it is. Continue the good work, it's a solid game.

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