Review Information
Game Reviewed Baby Mario World, by Golden Boo
Review Author Roo
Created Mar 7 2022, 3:45 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Surprisingly, this isn't a prequel to Paper Mario World.
Pros + Works well enough
+ Neat graphics
+ Plink
Cons - Just one level
6 / 10
It's one level, and while the design of it definitely isn't the worst, it's not very noteworthy either. The engine used is custom and works pretty well, though Baby Mario is kinda slow. Plink is a cute idea for a power-up. The blue coins are also a neat thing to have, even if entirely useless.
8 / 10
The graphics are nice. The menus are a bit weak, though.
7 / 10
The music and sounds are mostly good, but some of them are quite low-quality and/or loud.
Final Words
6 / 10
It's definitely not the worst, but it's definitely not the best either.

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