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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros. 3, by gamester
Review Author Mors
Created Sep 4 2019, 2:17 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I wanted to revisit one of my favorite fangames and ooh boy, this is just as good as I remembered.
Pros + Extremely creative
+ Well designed and fun
+ Love the whole "Luigi is high woaaah" aesthetic
+ Fuzzies........
Cons - Quite short
- The fullscreen mode is very stretched, and the windowed mode is tiny.
10 / 10
You touch fuzzy, and get... high I guess? I dunno, this whole game is like a giant fever dream and I love it. You control Luigi through multiple different "levels", which all have their own gimmick. In one of them you swim through ocean, in one of them you find a Bomberman powerup and break blocks, and in another one you fly through sky with balloons. The game feels very creative in that sense, and all those levels are pretty well designed. Each level also has a collectible you can get, not sure if they serve any purpose but that's a nice touch too I guess.

The controls themselves aren't super accurate to SMB3, but they do work for such a short game. Yeaaaah, this game is pretty short, but I guess it kinda makes sense so I won't complain about it too much lol

Oh and the ending is, uh, something for sure. I'm not gonna spoil it, just play the game to see it :)
8 / 10
I love how this game looks. From the tilting screen to all those weird transparent sprites, I think everything works extremely well here. This is the kind of juice you don't even see fangames that come out today.

That being said, I think some of the sprites look a bit out of place, like the Goomba ones. Can't say that I'm also a big fan of how tiny the game is when it's in the windowed mode, or how the game doesn't preserve its aspect ratio at fullscreen.
8 / 10
A lot of SMB3 NES sounds, with some original sound effects mixed in. It's all good stuff, but I'm kind of disappointed that the music is just straight up from SMB3 and isn't as wacky or creative as the graphics or the gameplay.
Final Words
10 / 10
One of the more memorable and unique games on MFGG, despite being quite short.

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