Really Happy Mario
By: Sparasemi456
Help Mario to get to the end of the levels and rescue the Princess Peach as fast is possible. Mario isn't having a very good day.

In this demo you can play 1-1 and 1-2 from Super Mario Bros, enjoy it! :D

This game uses a Sanity Meter, this indicates the Mario's "happyness", it drops down quikly, when it reaches 0... Well, Game Over


Mushrooms: Makes Mario happy, which makes the sanity meter go up.
Fire Flower: It will give Mario fire powers, it also makes Mario happy.
Star: It will give Mario invincibility for 12 seconds, it also freezes the sanity meter.
1up Mushroom: Makes Mario more happy than regular mushrooms.

Enemies will make Mario sad or "happy".

Falling in holes will insta-kill Mario, be careful.

Endings: There are 4 possible endings (3 without including the Game Over one), These endings are possible when you beat all the levels (or simply the last one by beating Bowser) and decided by how much sanity you have, so try to obtain the 3 endings.


Left and Right arrows: Move
Up arrow: Jump
Z: Shoot Fireballs (Only with Fire Flower)
Completion: Demo Genre: Platform
Franchise: Mario

Update History
08/27/23  The game is finally finished, hope you enjoy it.

+Added Level 1-4 and Bowser
+Added Endings
+Added Settings
+Improved some Mario's Animations
+Improved Main Menu
=Bug Fixes
-Removed Herobrine
04/19/23  I'm wanna get some feedback, but the game is queued
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