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Game Reviewed Paper Mario 3D Land, by DJ Coco
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Created Dec 9 2023, 3:13 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Paper Mario 3D Land is a 3D Paper Mario Fan Game made by the talented DJ Coco. It's mainly referred to as a mix of Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D Land, it has power ups like Fire Flowers, and a Cloud power-up that lets you float. Having 16 levels, this game can be rather short, if you're a gamer like me, you can beat this game in about 4-5 hours. If you're a speedrunner, it'll probably take about a couple hours to do, that is if you don't die a lot.
Pros Good Graphics, good sounds, good music, good controls, good bosses, and good level design (for the most part, but we'll discuss that later.)
Cons Bad Camera, Bad Hitboxes, 2D sprites are hard to control, lack of many power-ups, and an abrupt ending.
6 / 10
Paper Mario 3D Land has good controls, with the movement feeling very nice. Another thing I loved was the amount of power-ups it had, and all of them had there own custom made sprites, and they were very well made, looking like they were ripped straight out of an official Nintendo game! They also had stat power-ups, which could alter your damage and defense. I also love the bosses, one of them required you riding on a spiky disk, and you had to ride it into the opponent, it's pretty cool, and funny at the same time! Also, enemies don't die in one hit, and depending on the enemy, it will take a varying number of hits to defeat them, which is better than regular Mario games, where you stomp on an enemy once an they just die. When it comes to gameplay problems though, I have many. One being the hitboxes. I just played the entire game only several minutes ago, and there was a glaring issue with the hitboxes. There were times when you weren't even that close to an enemy, and you still got hit! It was really annoying, especially with how crazy some of these levels can get. I also disliked the camera. The way the camera was set made it hard to see where exactly Paper Mario was gonna land, combine that with the fact that you are controlling a 2D sprite, and you have a game that requires extremely good depth perception, or else you are gonna miss every jump, the camera I also thought was too small. It didn't allow you to really get a feel for your surroundings, and if you're trying to look around the corner, you can use the "Q" and "E" keys to rotate the camera a bit, however, the rotation of the camera is very slow, and if there's enemy around the corner, they can hit you while you're still trying to see if there even is one for yourself! I also really disliked the final boss. The thing with the final boss is that it has a total of 4 phases. The first phase is fine, the second phase is annoying, because there is a part where you have to kick a giant soccer ball into Bowser, but it can be challenging to actually direct it properly. The Third phase is easily the worst put of the 4. Bowser just spits fire pretty much all over the place for the entire phase, and there are a few moments where you can jump on Bowser to cause him damage, but because of the camera angle, you can't tell if you're too close or too far from him to be able to jump on him, and not only that, but if you touch Bowser, you lose about 8 of your health points, which is over a third of your entire Health Points, being 20 HP. The fourth phase was okay, you basically had to throw these Thwomps that Bowser would throw at you back at him, and it wasn't really clear that you had to get close to him to be able to hit him with the Thwomps.
8 / 10
The graphics look amazing! Having a mix of Paper Mario Sprites, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga sprites, and Mario 3D Land sprites (and models). My only problem is that the window resolution for this game was rather low, and because of the smaller window, it wasn't too much of a problem, but I actually just made just recorded footage of this game for a video I'm making, and I used my recording software to scale it up to fit the screen, and when I did that, it just looked kind of grainy. It didn't look horrible, it just wasn't that appealing to look at close up.
7 / 10
The weren't a whole lot of sounds in this game, being my only problem with the game, Paper Mario didn't talk at all, which makes sense, he never actually does in his official games. But then there's the times when sounds feeling like they aren't being used enough, like when you get hit, there's no really impact from getting hit. When you take damage, it never actually feels like you took damage. But when you attack enemies, they make the squishy hurt sound from "Super Paper Mario", which can sound really satisfying.
Final Words
8 / 10
After playing this game the whole way through, I can honestly recommend this game for anyone of age, it's short it's fun, and whether you're a platformer lover, a Mario lover, or even just a game lover in general, this game can be a really fun time!

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