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Game Reviewed Normal Super Mario Bros. 2, by gamester
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Created Sep 4 2019, 9:44 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
shigeru miyamoto
Pros + TOAD
+ Nice graphics
+ Just as unpredictable as the previous game
+ It's fun for most of the time
Cons - It's a bit on the shorter side
- The fullscreen mode stretches the image out
- The game switches between 30 and 60fps randomly, which is really jarring
- Some levels have a few issues that make them more frustrating than they should be
6 / 10
It's like SMB2 except Toad becomes a hippie after getting a fuzzy.

The whole game is like a very high effort shitpost, with a lot of random things happening. During the game there are multiple "rooms" you can enter via doors and potions and each one of those rooms contain a different challenge. And unlike the first game they require some thought and they are mostly pretty fun.

There are a few major issues with the gameplay though. First of all, there are NO checkpoints. The game gives you a ton of cherries, which do replenish your health. In addition in the main overworld enemies cant hurt you and falling down pits only take away 1 heart. This means that it's almost impossible to die on accident...

...until you reach the final boss. And when you die there you have to replay the entire game again, and that's VERY frustrating.

In addition the DKC substage has some enemy collision issues that makes the whole stage kinda annoying. The Mario Galaxy stage has some issues too, some of the smaller planet eat Toad's jump input and while that didn't cause me any deaths it's still not Cool.
7 / 10
Clashing graphics aside, this is a pretty good looking, colorful game with a lot of visual effects that really help to make this game "work" if that makes sense.

The whole stretching the image at fullscreen issue is also present here, which is a big shame.
7 / 10
The music is... well, unique I suppose. They fit. Same as the sound effects I suppose.

I doN't have much else to say unfortunately.
Final Words
7 / 10
Despite its problems, NSMB2 is a fun, but also very unpredictable game.

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