Review Information
Game Reviewed Paper Mario World, by Superadammario
Review Author Hasuke
Created Mar 17 2019, 11:50 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Very good meme game indeed.
Pros Physics are rather nice.
Game is so surreal it will have you question your own mind.
Cons Badly ripped graphics and bad aesthetics in general.
Level design feels like babies first Mario fangame.
Music is MIDI.
Sound effects are compressed to hell.
1 / 10
The gameplay is pretty bad. Level design, well, can you really call it level design? It feels like babies first videogame. The controls are standard old ClickTeam controls, don't play this with sticky keys on though. Physics are very very nice tho'.
1 / 10
These graphics are badly ripped, badly misused, and badly assembled. Very bad in the visual department, but some of the cutscene effects do look rather nice.
3 / 10
The MIDI's are of mixed quality, some of these are very accurate and nice, but some are really really bad. The sound effects are compressed to hell though'.
7 / 10
This game has surprisingly high replay value, because everything is so weird and wacky that you'd never forget about this game.
Final Words
1 / 10
A very bad game, but the laughably silly sotry and the physics save it though'.

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