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Game Reviewed Super Luigi World, by MATTSOFTWARE
Review Author Roo
Created Sep 18 2021, 8:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Luigi World, sadly, isn't a Wayne's World-like.
Pros + The graphics are mostly consistent, I guess
Cons - The gameplay is mostly bad
- The first boss is aggravatingly hard
- The soundtrack is pretty terrible
- The graphics are often used poorly
4 / 10
The engine is the default Game Maker platformer thing (i.e. terrible).

The level design is pretty boring, but not horrible.

A lot of the stage elements (? Blocks, climbable vines, Koopa shells, winged block platforms) work poorly.

The first boss is just awful. It's probably not utterly undefeatable, but the game has a lives system, and losing all your lives sends you back to the first level, so I simply gave up.
6 / 10
The graphics aren't exactly terrible, most of them being from SMW, but the ways they are used (the ground being brick blocks, castle walls being turn blocks, vines being used as bridges, Luigi barely having any animation) are pretty bad-looking.
5 / 10
The sound effects are the usual, but the music selection is pretty dreadful. It's like the creator purposefully chose the worst version they could find for each track. Furthermore, the level music (at least in the first level) only played once and didn't replay until after I got a starman. Speaking of starmen, the invincibility music is a very short, unfinished version of the Starman track from Mario, but every time it plays, the game freezes to reload the track. It's horrid.
Final Words
4 / 10
Not recommended unless you have the patience (or Bill-stomping skills) of a saint.

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