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Game Reviewed Tanooki Mario Winter 2.0, by bigmariofan1.0
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 31 2021, 6:26 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
In the second installment of the wildly... existing Tanooki Mario Winter series, we find Tanooki Mario (who I guess is distinct from Mario Mario?) in another winter wonderland full of whimsy, wackiness, and... Waluigi.

Just kidding, there's no Waluigi.
Pros + A decent minigame for a little while
+ Innovation that actually kind of slightly works in some way
Cons - The music's a bit "meh"
6 / 10
Tanooki Mario Winter 2.0 Director's Cut Deluxe Edition & Knuckles is, as the name vaguely implies, a sort of continuation of the first Tanooki Mario Winter game. I think it's supposed to be a version upgrade, but considering how different it is, you might as well call it a sequel.

Just like in the first game, you walk around a play area and click to create objects that let Mario perform actions. However, whereas in the previous game you had to choose one cursor at the start and stick with it, in this one you get to switch between all three at your leisure! Not only that, but jump isn't the only good one any more! Kinda!

Jump cursor IS probably still the best one, though, as it lets you kill enemies easily, navigate the more vertical play area, and hit the ? Blocks.

Spin cursor is pretty good at letting you hit enemies, but it doesn't really do anything the jump cursor doesn't for the most part.

Statue cursor is actually useful this time, somehow. You can collect coins with it AND it kills enemies, which reward points in this game, so theoretically you could just endlessly turn yourself into a statue and rack up the points. However, if a Galoomba/Tanoloomba hits a Statue Orb, they temporarily turn into unkillable stone monsters too, and if this happens next to you, it's basically a guaranteed death, so watch out.

The game has some odd bugs. For example, if you try to jump onto two overlapping Galoombas, you die, and if you jump off the top part of the screen, you also die.
7 / 10
The game has a pretty simple yet consistent style. The only thing I have a real issue with are the huge snowflakes in the background. They're pretty distracting.
6 / 10
None of the music tracks are all that noteworthy, and some of them are way too gosh-diddly-darn loud (hello, achievement hall.) for their own good.

The sound effects... still are.
Final Words
6 / 10
It's like Tanooki Mario Winter, but 2.0er.

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