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Game Reviewed MFGG 20th Anniversary Time Capsule, by MFGG
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 18 2021, 3:32 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It's hard to believe that MFGG is 10 years old, and it's even harder to believe that MFGG's 10-year anniversary is 10 years old. However, no matter how much we resist, the hands of time shall ever turn, and thus we have been kindly graced by another compilation of all kinds of stuff in all kinds of stages of completion.

Perhaps I should start working on my entry for the quarter-century capsule.
Pros + Lots of variety. Mostly platformers, of course, but they're varied enough to feel distinct.
+ A lot to play, and not just a collection of 5-minute demos
+ Wario (you know, because there's a game called Mario + Wario, and... you know. It's decent.)
Cons - Spoopy Maryo is included (jk (or am I))
9 / 10
All the games work fine, and there's a lot variety, from regular platformers to slightly different platformers to drone delivery simulators (?).

My personal highlight is Mario + Wario, in both good and ill. The premise is interesting and the presentation is good, but the fact that I can't get past level 2 due to how ridiculously difficult some of the jumps are puts a bit of a damper on things. My friendly advice to fangame developers is this; don't put lives into your games. Thank you.
9 / 10
Most of the games use at least somewhat original graphics instead of merely drawing from the SMAS/SMW well, which is nice to see.

My favorite, graphically, is probably Mario's Timeship Battle. Even if the game is just two segments long, its graphical style is really appealing for some reason.

The launcher also looks nice. Glad you used the best site style (the one I use.) as its base.
9 / 10
The games have nice music for the most part, and nothing I heard sounded particularly grating.

My personal highlight here would also be Mario + Wario. Its soundtrack is very nice and unlike almost any fangame soundtrack I've ever heard.
Final Words
9 / 10
A neat collection of both small curios and actual games. Highly recommended for MFGGheads AND normal people.

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