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Game Reviewed Late Night Mario 3, by Glukom
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 16 2021, 2:27 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Late Night Mario 3 is a worthy end to the Late Night Mario saga, even if it doesn't quite hit the same heights as LNM2. It does wrap up the story very emotionally, though.
Pros + The artstyle is still nice
+ The music selection is still good
+ It's not quite as tough as LNM2, but it still offers a decent challenge
+ The story is wrapped up nicely and, dare I say, emotionally
Cons - While it is undoubtedly a good game, LNM2 felt more like an evolution of the franchise while LNM3 feels like "more of the same"
- The controls feel a bit laggy, jumping especially
7 / 10
The gameplay is similar to the earlier entries, but the movements feels a bit more awkward and laggy. There aren't many interesting new gimmicks, and the ropes feel like they just slow the game down. There are some boss fights, but while they're paced better than the ones in LNM2, they don't feel quite as epic.
8 / 10
The artstyle continues to be as wonderful as it was in Late Night Mario 2. The big Kremit was an especially nice treat.
9 / 10
The music selection is especially good in this game. Listening to All Things Must Pass after completing the trilogy in a single night 8 years after the game was released is an experience without comparison.
Final Words
8 / 10
Not as much of a leap forward as Late Night Mario 2 was, but definitely still worth a play, and a worthy end to the trilogy.

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