Review Information
Game Reviewed Heritage - A Dragon's Tale (DEMO) V1.4.3, by smbmaster99
Review Author Kristopher
Created Aug 11 2021, 3:00 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is a must play for casual gamers who are looking for a whole new world to experience.
Pros This game looks quite impressive for a demo! The gameplay is reminiscent of what you would find in Shovel Knight, and that's not a bad thing considering you made this game out of nothing. The bosses are quite breathtaking
Cons The controls sometimes confuse me as well though I like how you can change them
9 / 10
The gameplays is overall quite smooth but sometimes, there's that input lag
10 / 10
The graphics quality is just stunning for a fan game
10 / 10
The sound is just what you would expect out of an Indie game which isn't a bad thing
Final Words
10 / 10
This game overall, is quite original and could be a candidate for game of the year

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