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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. S - Road To Infinity, by superpi2
Review Author ZikYt
Created Jul 6 2021, 1:25 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
So, here goes my review here:
Pros It is cool and fun and the new features like the literal ninja star, those flies that you can't harm but they can harm you and those purple goombas are interesting.
Cons Although it has some bugs I noticed and some improvement requests as of the time of writing this.
1. When you equip the fire/ice flower, the fire/iceballs 8/10 times are janky and will either simply dissapear or go through the floor. Once it gets fixed, the fireballs should make a small explosion when they're finally read to dissapear instead of just disappearing without a trace.
2. When you jump and touch a ? block from the side (moreso the left side), it can occasionally "open" it instead of doing nothing.
3. When you jump to the left side in front of a slope and turn back, once you fall onto any pixel of the slope, you will stop dead in your tracks for a fraction of a second before smoothly walking/running up it again, even displaying the skidding animation for a few frames.
4. When you run quickly when there are some pipes on screen (moreso the blue ones) or those dark brown background blocks, they will occasionally slightly glitch out and show tiny off-coloured sticks of pixels. Basically as if grids automatically appeared on the blocks.
5. The player physics need to be tweaked a bit, especially for Mario. When he "crouch-slides", he should be a bit more slippery, especially for those tiny 1 block tall gaps. When he runs but just barely stops to safely fall, he still stops on the side of the platform almost as if he were a red koopa.
6. (visual stuff) When you crouch while pressing the left right and down buttons all at the same time, he might appear to spazz out for a millisecond. Also, when an actively speeding koopa shell is stomped on, the koopa in the "outside the shell" state will be seen for like a frame. And when an actively speeding koopa shell lands on a music note block as soon as the player dies, the block shouldn't actively jump and make a sound.
7. At least some of the pipes should lead to somewhere, moreso a small underground stage, if they haven't already.
8. Some places where you would need a spring to reach something, more specifically exactly the one where you need to hit the brick block to make the spring spawn to get the powermoon, the spring should be removed as even Mario can reach the powermoon with ease without the spring.
9. I bet there will definitely be more stuff added, such as a 1up, but I will give an idea on how it should work. When you get a 1 up, you get an extra chance to continue the run you are playing without restarting or resetting, basically like being in a bubble and respawning a few blocks back from the place you died. Exactly like super mario run and the NSMBWii games.
10. Even though most people including me are used to the default controls, they should be configurable to any button a person desires if they are not already.
11. Since there are new npcs and stuff and it is in very early development, I reckon a custom stage builder will exist in one way or another at some point.
10 / 10
The gameplay is pretty fun and I like the new stuff that was added in.
9 / 10
Although the graphics are Ultra 4k HD and crisp, the pixels seem to be off. Like Mario's visible eye looks slightly thinner, etc. (it could possibly be my computer's resolution)
10 / 10
The sounds are perfect and I had nothing bad, or anything in general to say about them at all as they had no issues. Maybe they might be a little loud but that's it.
Final Words
9 / 10
Besides all of these bugs or improvement requests, the game is fully playable in a state that won't annoy the player, just that them being implemented or fixed would be better. Anyway, overall, it's an 9/10.

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