Super Mario: Journey of the Hyper Stars (2.0)
By: King Piranha Plant
This game was made in 2006. It's very sloppy and hilariously buggy, but a lost MFGG classic with some childish charm. This is a new extended version!

Worth playing for a laugh at the story/dialogue, which I wrote as a kid and left untouched.

The new version contains 2 worlds, Starlight Valley and Lava Piranha Land. I also touched the gameplay up a little to make the terrible TGF engine a tad less frustrating.
Completion: Scrapped Genre: Adventure
Franchise: Mario

Update History
08/27/21  Realized there were a few issues I needed to fix in the game, and wanted to change the opening message, so I updated the file. Sorry for updating on the same day as submitting!
[O] Created: Aug 9 2021, 9:22 PM
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Author Summary Score
Roo It's definitely a game from 2006. 5 / 10
Average Score 5 / 10

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