Touhou ~ Maliciously Chaotic Visitor
By: DodonArgustius
A touhou and zelda crossover made for the 3rd MFGG game jam.

Ganon has grown tired of the dark world. He remembers hearing about a realm called "Gensokyo", so he decideds to take a piece of his realm and head to it. Reimu sees this mysterious floating island and decides to investigate it.

You must dodge enemy bullets, and shoot down ganon and his goons.

- arrow keys : move reimu;
- shift key (hold): Focus (slow down speed+ Show hitbox)
- z key (hold): Shoot.
- x key: bomb.

NOTE: This game will be updated post-jam. keep on the look-out for that!
Completion: Full Game Genre: Shoot 'em Up
Franchise: CROSSOVER

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