Super Evil Land
By: questionable_box
Don't worry about the title. This game isn't evil at all. Not in the slightest. And it comes with a manual! How evil could it possibly be?

Default controls are arrow keys, z to run, x to jump, but controls can be remapped in main menu.

(Warning: this game's difficulty is around Kaizo-light. Each level (all 45 of them) has been tested as beatable by a human at least once.)
Completion: Full Game Genre: Action
Franchise: Mario

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[O] Created: May 31 2021, 1:56 AM
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Jul 27 2021, 9:20 AM
"At least once"
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King Piranha Plant
Aug 11 2021, 9:05 AM
This is a brutal trial-and-error game with a lot of charm, fun presentation and humor. I think it'd be a lot more fun without all the cheap unforeseeable deaths akin to jumpscares. But then again, I love that you included a manual with a 9-page-long Peach fan fiction in which we learn Princess Peach is a cruel politically corrupt dictator (when it comes to cake at least). Plus, the game is meant to be evil. Also that intro level was great! I loved the comedic world-building.

(I can't beat level 1 but I wanted to write this comment as a lil' mini review, bc I was bummed no one was commenting or reviewing. We really need to get MFGG kickin again, like dayum)
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