SMB3 Goomba | Box Art By: FeleForge
This is an SMB3 Goomba based on the original box art
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

Update History
09/19/21  I corrected both the name and description of this post, as well as minimally changing the sprites of the boots
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Sep 17 2021, 11:29 PM
you mean box art not art box
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Sep 18 2021, 7:19 AM
This tileset is amazing.
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Sep 18 2021, 7:53 PM
Quote (Luigiisthebest on Sep 17 2021, 11:29 PM)
you mean box art not art box

ah yeah srry i'm new on this i will change it
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