Blokkablok By: Theopold
Wooh, it's been a while! I drew a Blokkablok in the style of SMW. Or, at least I tried to keep it as SMW, but it may look a bit different. I have actually created a "demonstration" animation. But anyway, it was made for an unorganized art contest for a browser game called Mario Construct, and I ranked pretty high! This was actually rejected from MFGG in the past, but I added some organization, a slightly better thumbnail, and a few new animations for the spikes to make up for it.

- Arrows, which were meant for the level editor, but I'm sure could work elsewhere
- Diagonal sprites, which look... really bad, I'm only keeping them so I can maximize the content you guys receive
- The spritesheet is neatly organized, with "examples"
- Spikes in 9 directions
- The thing's "head" and "tail", of course, but not the blocks which make up the body, that's not my job even though they appear in the examples.
- Accurate-ish palette
- The dots which appear in place of broken blocks

I'm not sure if I have any more plans for this, but I'll most likely sprite something from 3DW, since I replayed the game recently. The examples have blocks in them, but I didn't rip them, they were on the Spriter's Resource.
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Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

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