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Game Reviewed MarioQuest, by Thunder Dragon
Review Author Roo
Created Jun 6 2022, 9:21 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Maybe Mario should go out and quest for some women hah gottem
Pros + It's a classic
+ It's got An Artstyle if you squint
+ The music's pretty good
Cons - It's definitely a bit weak on the gameplay side
- Most of the latter bosses turn the game into a keyboard-mashing simulator
5 / 10
The gameplay is pretty basic. You just walk around and shoot at everything until it dies. The normal levels aren't too bad about this, but the bosses require so many hits that it essentially just becomes a race of whether or not you can mash the fire button enough before your HP runs out.

The level design is, in my humble opinion, surprisingly neat sometimes. Some of the levels are basically just corridors, sure, but others are constructed quite interestingly.

However, if I were to ever make a "top 10 worst levels in fan game history" list, the Metal Sonic race would almost definitely end up there. If you play this game, I highly recommend skipping it with a password (found at

The story isn't the best ever, but it's kinda funny sometimes.
7 / 10
The graphics are, to put it kindly, "all over the place". SMRPG graphics mixed with YI graphics mixed with default Clickteam assets mixed with SMW etc. etc. etc. I do personally find the whole thing kind of endearing in a kitschy way, but I imagine most people would disagree. Those people can go to Heck.

Also, I honestly think this game should have an epilepsy warning or something, as the flashing light balls in some of the later levels look really annoying.
8 / 10
The sound effects are alright (though some of them are a bit on the loud side) and the music choices are mostly solid (especially the SMRPG tracks). I do have to wonder why TD didn't use Smithy's theme for the Smithy fight. Like, come on.
Final Words
6 / 10
A real piece of history, in both good and ill.

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