Review Information
Game Reviewed Bob-omb's Ice Game, by littlelum
Review Author Roo
Created Jun 6 2022, 6:29 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What did one Bob-omb say to another?

ICE to meet you.

Ha ha.

Pros + Theoretically an interesting gameplay idea
Cons - Practically not, though
- The graphics are REALLY boring
2 / 10
There's a tiny little nugget of a vaguely interesting gameplay concept somewhere in here. Sadly, it's buried deep under layers upon layers of mashing your keyboard until your fingers go "ow".

The physics don't feel all that good either. Sometimes the eggs will fly in the direction you want them to, and other times they'll just go wherever.

Having to build up speed (for 12 hours) to launch an egg does NOT make my fingers feel good.
3 / 10
They're some of the most rudimentary I've ever seen. Not eye-searingly horrible, just incredibly base and boring.
7 / 10
They're alright.
Final Words
3 / 10
Skip this unless you hate your fingers.

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