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Game Reviewed Attack of the Goombots, by Mariomanmanmanman
Review Author Roo
Created Jun 3 2022, 10:51 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
These aliens should've invaded another planet.
Pros + ...The graphical style is theoretically interesting?
Cons - It's practically very bad, though
- And the gameplay isn't anything to write home about either
3 / 10
You go up, and you go down, and you shoot at approaching baddies who shoot back.

This would, even if executed well, already be boring, but then there's the laundry list of problems.

- Sometimes the game prevents you from moving up or down for some reason
- Goombas sometimes spawn where you can't shoot them and they can't shoot you
- You can't exit from the game with anything other than the quit game button on the main menu, not even with Alt + F4
- It's more of a graphics thing, but enemies in the lowest third of the screen are really hard to see
- You rack up points just by existing, so there isn't much of a point to the whole "shooting" thing

Yeah, it's not very good.
2 / 10
The graphical style is theoretically interesting, but practically very bad. When everything is just outlines, it all meshes together into an incomprehensible mess. The background graphics look especially horrible.
5 / 10
The intro and title tracks are kind of bleh, and the gameplay track is alright. The sound effects are, too.
Final Words
3 / 10
A boring score-based minigame that offers some of the most eye-aching graphics around.

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