Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Charisma Bros. 7, by Vitiman
Review Author Roo
Created May 27 2022, 4:34 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
7? Is that the one I played?
Pros + Good music and graphics
+ A couple funny lines/jokes
Cons - Not very fun to play
- You can get stuck after like 20 minutes of playing
4 / 10
Most of the gameplay is pretty lame. Boring platformer levels and boring walking-around levels don't make for a very entertaining game, especially when the cutscenes are so bloody long.

And then I got stuck on the shooting level and the game doesn't have passwords or saves. Great.

I also found almost all of the humor in the game unfunny, but I do have to give props for somehow sneaking in a couple lines about masturbation.
8 / 10
They're pretty good. I especially like the computer screen effect.
8 / 10
The music's also good. The sound effects are alright. Not much to say on this front.
Final Words
5 / 10
If this sort of humor is up your alley, it might be worth a play. Might.

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