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Game Reviewed Yoshi's Ghost Run, by OneEyedParrot
Review Author Q-Nova
Created May 18 2022, 7:28 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Yoshi's Ghost Run had always kinda caught my eye because of one thing: Carrots. Why does Yoshi have to eat carrots of all things!? (Watched too many Bugs Bunny cartoons, perhaps?) After playing the game, what I can say about it is that there's a hilarious sound effect that gets me laughing real good for a few minutes! Beyond that, however, it's nothing more than a simple, shallow, and unremarkable minigame.
Pros +EXTREMELY funny carrot sound effect
+Nice MIDIs
Cons -Slow, dull gameplay
-Only one Boo
-Some amateurish graphics
2 / 10
As Yoshi, you go eat carrots in a playing field with a floor and multiple tiny platforms. Meanwhile, a ghastly Boo stalks you, but never fret; just look right at him, and he'll try to hide in fear like any other Boo. At first you have to stay away from that mean ghost, but after eating 15 carrots, you can defeat him just through contact. (I guess that Boo is too ashamed to have his insides looked at, yeah?)

Yoshi's Ghost Run could be a pretty fun chase that would be something like Pac-Man or Rally-X but with platformer gameplay. Sadly, it's too simplistic and slow to be any fun nor challenging. Your only obstacle is a single lowly Boo that can be very easily cheated; what happened happened to the other Boos shown in the intro? Yoshi goes up and down swiftly and his horizontal movement is pretty slow; combining both of that really limits your maneuverability.
7 / 10
The Yoshi's Island graphics are always nice to look at; Yoshi has a new chewing and swallowing animation that looks alright. In-game, it looks fine; the bluish background evokes a slight cold and spooky feeling. A lot of the visuals, however, is poor custom drawings that look very out of place. The custom carrot doesn't look so bad, though, it just could use a little shading.
8 / 10
Music sounds good -- mostly Yoshi's Island MIDIs and a couple I don't recognize, such as the in-game theme. Speaking of said song, it sounds nice and hectic; it would be even more fitting if the gameplay was also nice and hectic. The sound effects are pretty cute, especially the Yoshi voice. The real gold here, though, is that hilariously dissonant punching sound when Yoshi touches a carrot! Seriously, I actually try to kick the carrot around as many times as possible, because it's too funny!

==Replay: 5/10==

If I were to ever play this game again, it'd be to beat up those carrots! That hysterical sound effect gives me a great laugh that I don't get in too many fangames, although the humor wears off a little after some time. The actual "ghost run" is just too barebones to be anything engaging; getting a high scores is simply a test of tedium.
Final Words
3 / 10
As Yoshi's Carrot Punch, it's hilarious for a few minutes, but as Yoshi's Ghost Run, it's simply boring.

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