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Game Reviewed Bloopers, by YoManRuLz
Review Author Roo
Created May 17 2022, 12:16 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Having a game about blooper reels is good and all, but where's the game about cringe compilations?
Pros + Good graphics and music
+ Some good traps
Cons - Some bad traps
- Weird movement sometimes messes things up
6 / 10
The quality of the gameplay... varies. The engine used is definitely not the worst, but the way Luigi accelerates makes it pretty hard to dodge some obstacles (unintentionally, I would assume).

A few of the traps are pretty funny and creative (like falling down pipes and having to wait for Mario to bust in), but most of them ultimately feel uncreative and samey. A lot of them also feel more like tests of dexterity, which I personally feel fits poorly into "syobonactionlikes".

One thing I do especially like is framing the game as a blooper reel (and then also having Bloopers at the end). Clever.
8 / 10
The graphics are pretty good. I especially like Luigi's sprite.
8 / 10
The music and sounds are pretty good too. I like Geothermal.
Final Words
6 / 10
If you like frustrating games, maybe give this one a try.

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