Review Information
Game Reviewed Mario Kart: Speed Strife, by DJ Coco
Review Author Huesitos70
Created May 5 2022, 7:35 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
it's really good for it to weigh 67 mb I was surprised it's a good fangame
Pros It's good, it's like a switch mario kart and if you don't have a switch this game could be your option 1 ¿ :^
Cons I didn't like the graphics very much... but I can't ask for much since it is a 67 mb game.
8 / 10
I am impressed that it is very well done the game is very good to be 67 mb.
5 / 10
They are not very good but we can not ask for much..
9 / 10
the sounds are like those of the console 64 too nostalgic.
Final Words
9 / 10
In a few words, in my opinion, this game is very good if you don't have a computer with many resources and you want something good, nostalgic, and of quality.

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