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Game Reviewed Super Mario Flashback - New Engine Test, by Mors
Review Author SuperMairo
Created Mar 28 2019, 4:59 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Flashback is an incredible game that oozes with passion and love but does have a few glaring flaws that can be improved on.
Pros The Game Looks amazing, All the sprites are expressive, fluent, and move very smooth.
Music is top notch and well composed and sound effects are faithful to main Mario series.
Mario is a joy to control and have a variety of moves to discover.
Cons Controls don't always respond. I died several times due to an attempted wall jump not registering. In the 2nd level the lighting effect was just screen going black for a moment. This may have been an error on my computer but still something that bugged me.
Very little reason to come back. Levels only house a single green star with a purpose that is unknown.
9 / 10
Controls Like a Dream minus some occasional unresponsive controls. Platforming and level design is solid but there is room for improvement. I did find a lot of reused sections in levels particularly how they all start with a recreation of 1-1's opening section. Overall Gameplay is very solid but some repeated design and unresponsive controls at times hinder gameplay a tad.
10 / 10
Mario, his enemies, and the environment around them all look wonderful. Mario is expressive and his animations are very fluent and flow well. From the running to the jumping animations you will be amazed at how one guy did all of this. Baddies are also expressive and faithful to their official appearances while taking some liberties to be unique. Also i love how the HUD is taken from odyssey and is recreated beautifully.
10 / 10
Music is amazing. There are really only a few tracks but they are all great. From the rockin remix of the classic underground theme to the level end fanfare. But the standout track is the remix of Mario's most iconic piece of music. Take a listen to it when you have the time it is catchy and a joy to the ears. Sound effects are taken from the games and all fit in very well here and all play at the right times to make preforming actions all the more satisfying.
7 / 10
Replay Value is where Flashback falls short. There are only 3 levels that are decent length but they only house a green star each. To my knowledge these don't amount to anything and all you get when you finish the game is a screen thanking you. (Although we do get to see what some of our other Mario favorites look like so it's forgiven a bit) Overall Replay is where the game falls short.
Final Words
8 / 10
Super Mario Flashback is a passion filled love letter to the Super Mario Franchise. Unfortunately it is plagued by some unresponsive controls at times and not much intensive to come back. However fun smooth game play, an amazing soundtrack, and some of the best looking graphics in any fan game make this worth a play!

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