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Game Reviewed NewER Super Mario World (Cancelled Demo), by Mewzer
Review Author DoctorTricky
Created Aug 14 2018, 6:19 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Unfortunately, Mewzer decided to title this demo 'NewER Super Mario World'. With how great Super Mario World ended up being, that brings up the problem of whether or not this fangame is deserving to be called a "Newer" version of the acclaimed game. And if you couldn't figure it out yet from my cynical tone, it doesn't. At least not yet anyway.
Pros - It plays similarly to Mario.
- It looks like Mario.
- It sounds like Mario.
- Decent level design.
Cons - A lack of momentum building
- Odd location for a spin jump button
- Graphics can vary in quality
- SFX volume outweighs the music
- No replay value
- Forced full screen
- Sign popups that require a mouse click
- A huge 'GameMaker Lite' watermark in the corner
6 / 10
It's pretty much just your standard Mario affair. You run, jump, collect powerups, and all that jazz. However, while all these functions are readily available and not difficult to utilize, there's just something that feels off about all these controls due to the lack of any momentum building. Hold the run button, and you'll begin running at full speed. Let go, and you'll immediately start walking again. While this is a pretty minor complaint, it does put a damper on the overall feel of the game. On the bright side, the spin jump feels fine - although I'm not a huge fan of the spin jump button being directly above the run button. It makes for some pretty awkward finger positions.
5 / 10
The graphics are nothing special. A lot of them seem to be ripped directly from Super Mario World, while the ones that are original can vary from looking okay to just not deserving to be there at all. For example, the 'NewER' part of the logo seems straight out of MS Paint. And on the topic of graphics looking straight out of MS Paint, the title screen is probably the worst offender. While the good (decent?) helps even out the bad, the bad still deserves to be taken care of for the next demo.
5 / 10
For the most part, the music sounds fine besides the title screen. However, the volume of the SFX seems to outweigh the music, as seen when collecting a single coin. It's going to need some improvement.
1 / 10
Sure, it's a demo, but it's just one level with no collectibles whatsoever. Not too sure if replay value is even here at all.
Final Words
4 / 10
Being a demo it can be cut some slack, but before the transition to a full game, some vast changes are required.

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