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Game Reviewed NewER Super Mario World (Cancelled Demo), by Mewzer
Review Author SMBXfan
Created Aug 12 2018, 2:40 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I can clearly see that this game was made in GM8 Lite, and that is definitely not a good sign for the future of this game.

Murphy's Law is in effect here.
Pros - Decent in-game graphics
- Decent music
- Only a demo
Cons - Poor controls
- Atrocious clashing title screen
- The control descriptions are poorly written
- Really? "Be a ballerina"?
- Background doesn't mesh as well with Mario.
- No replay value.
- Mediocre level design
2 / 10
You play as Mario hopping, spinning and running through one level made with Supernova's Engine.

This is only a demo, but it kind of feels awfully bland and average for a fangame.

And the level design is just mediocre. There is a fake platform and a bunch of hidden springs at the bottom. In the first level. Ask yourself, is this good level design?

And the end of the level felt too linear, too short, and devoid of enemies.

The reason why I am rating the gameplay so low is because I have seen this before. This feels old and dull and isn't any newer than Super Mario World.
5 / 10
The title screen is definitely one of the worst I have ever seen. Mario runs against a backdrop that looks like it was made in MS Paint or the default sprite editor in GM. The flashing of the text (as well as the scrolling text at the bottom "PLAY THIS GAME, MARKIPLIER!!!") is hideous. Everything clashes so badly it is a textbook example of how not to make a title screen.

The rest of the game looks very average. Not really hideous, but the background doesn't really mesh too well.
5 / 10
Except for the title screen music, which made it even more obnoxious, all the music was fine.

The sound effects were decent, and the music was good. Enough said.
1 / 10
Yes, this is only a demo, and demos don't have any replay value by their nature. But this demo was so bad it made me NOT want to play the final product for fear of how bad it could be. This is so average most MFGGers overlooked it.
Final Words
3 / 10
"Uh... This is a thing now." - Mewzer

But why? Why is it a thing? And why does it look doomed from the start?

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