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Game Reviewed Super Mario Flashback - New Engine Test, by Mors
Review Author Waluigi Of Pinball
Created Jun 10 2018, 4:50 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The Demo of the game is kinda impressive actually. For a fan-game it is pretty good.
Pros Design,music and it's nostalgia of SMB. Fun.
Cons Alike the level design in SMB,it is missing. Having big troubles with booting the game EVEN with DirectX. It started to work at the moment,when i started to play it with Wine on Xubuntu.
7 / 10
An absolutely normal gameplay. It is familliar to design in Super Mario Bros,that actually doesn't exist. But still,classics,pretty good,even though not the best!
10 / 10
The graphics is the cherry on the top of this fan-game. Just. Perfect.
8 / 10
Pretty good,sometimes mediocre,actually,good!
5 / 10
Didn't like the game too much. Dunno why.
Final Words
7 / 10
Good! I want to say, but it could be better. Let's see the full version,and then make full overall score.

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