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Game Reviewed Made In MFGG (DEMO), by NoNameMFGG
Review Author DoctorTricky
Created Apr 16 2018, 10:21 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
After nearly 12 years without a traditional WarioWare game, Nintendo has finally announced a new entry in the series in the form of WarioWare Gold. I'm sure a lot of you are excited for it; myself included.

However, this wouldn't have happened without our continuous support for WarioWare.. and I guess the sales too, but that's not the point. You may be seeing where I'm going with this...

While Nintendo usually isn't a big fan of them, fangames are there to show love for different franchises. They can also help reinvigorate that love within other people, but can also fail to do so if the quality control just isn't there. So, does the Made in MFGG demo show potential or failure? Lets find out!
Pros - Traditional WarioWare fun
- Microgames that take advantage of the mouse and keyboard
- Fitting graphics and sound
- Decent replayability
Cons - A slight lack in variety with graphics
- Some microgames that felt like they needed a bit more tweaking
- Replayability is limited
8 / 10
Like other WarioWare games, this one focuses on a central gimmick, being the mouse and keyboard. The game definitely feels just like a WarioWare game, with most of the microgames being nice short bursts of fun.

However, there are some negatives. For one, the Mario Sunshine themed microgame with FLUDD seems to be way too unforgiving: in my three playthroughs, I was never able to clean up all the goop. Also, the microgame themed around drawing on the paper feels like it takes a bit too long. Of course, these are two opinions that would be better with a general consensus, seeing how my experience and skill level with the microgames may have differed from others.

Finally, there's the boss stage. I enjoyed it, but the fact that the bullets shot where the mouse was pointing rather than where the paper airplane was pointing made aiming a bit more of an issue than it had to be. Again, take this with a grain of salt.
7 / 10
The graphics used here are in the traditional gimmicky WarioWare fashion. Firstly, in between microgames you'll see your health and the stage number, as well as if the speed of the game is increasing or if there is a boss stage. While most of the time this works fine, it struck me as odd that when after failing a boss stage and having to retry it, the stage number would still increase. Again, I am not sure if this was the intention here.

Also in traditional WarioWare fashion is the little blurb of info that shows up when you start a microgame, as well as the timer ticking down to the bomb. They function just as well as in official games.

Finally, there's the microgame graphics. While there are some interesting styles here and there, such as a tribute to Psycho Waluigi, the majority are the same, feeling as though they were made in a paint program. Seeing as this is a demo, I don't see it worth complaining about the similarities in graphics too much, but I hope that in the final version there will be more variety.
8 / 10
Once again, the music used here fits in nicely, with most being straight rips from real WarioWare games. Most of the sound effects fit in just as well, but the ones used in the microgame with Luigi shining the flashlight at the ghosts struck me as kind of odd.
6 / 10
Being a WarioWare game, the replayability usually comes from trying to get the highest score as the microgames get faster and faster, raising the tension. However, with this being a demo, it stops after the boss stage, meaning a total of 15 stages in a playthrough.

However, even with this setback, it's still fun to return for additional playthroughs. The microgame order is always randomized, making it slightly different each times. Also, the microgames used are enjoyable enough to make the further playthroughs fun.
Final Words
7 / 10
It's worth a download for some traditional WarioWare fun!

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