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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels, by DiamondDynamite
Review Author Yosho
Created Mar 12 2018, 1:05 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
While Crossing around MFGG for bad games (Cus Why not?), And i found this one.
Why is it so Bad?
Let's see!

"Just like (Better) than the original!"
Me from various minutes later: I don't think so.
Also why it is called "the Lost Levels" that was already an existing game from the NES?
Pros -Original engine, I guess?
-Nothing else.
-No seriously, that's it.
-Please Stop Reading.
Cons -Bad engine
-Super buggy
-Broken animations
-Dull level design
-Generic material
-Generic MIDIs
1 / 10
When you start the game, you get with introduced an Ugly Dull Screen with nothing interesting to comment.

Then we get the Main menu, Let's start the game shall we?

But, before we begin I've found various Gramatical Errors (Not going to list them).

Let's Actually Begin! Shall we? (P l e a s e H e l p m e..)

Let's Talk about the small flaws.
1. Sometimes, Shells don't hurt you.
2. Mario can get easily killed by a line of enemies since there's no invincibility frames.
3. No Bouncing after a stomp.
4. Fire balls can get stuck.
5. Fire balls are easily spamable Making Enemies no longer a treat to you.
6. Bullet bills are way too fast.
7. You can see a 1 Up-Mushroom spawning when you get to the top of the Flag Pole.

Now let's see the real problems of the game.
The collision and the level design,
The collision is... Super Awful.
It's easy to get stuck in wall, even in various cases, you can't get unstuck a wall, no matter what you do.
The level design is, as i said: Dull.
It's nothing but basic, boring, bad, Etc.
the enemy placements are confusing, and sometimes dumb.
Also, the Bullet Bills are only used once.
An easy 1/10
2 / 10
They are not bad.
They're shaded and look nice, and they aren't (that) clashly!

But, I T S W A Y T O O B U G G Y !
LIKE, Mario's Sprites sometimes doesn't move and do not sometimes change!
and it happens a lot!

1 / 10
They're Super generic, to the point it is annoying and repetitive.
And they are also Bad.
1 / 10
I have no idea why you would play this again.
Final Words
1 / 10
This game has a lot bugs and its not fun at all.
That quote: "Just like (Better) than the original!".
It is lie!
Don't play this, there's a lot of great games on MFGG.

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