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Game Reviewed Gravity Goomba, by Elyk
Review Author Roo
Created Sep 27 2021, 3:07 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Gravity Goomba was sadly sucked into a black hole and was never heard from again. His friends and family will miss him, but to Mario, it was a Tuesday.
Pros + Neat gravity gimmick
+ Evocative graphics
- Appropriate music
Cons - The neat gravity gimmick sadly doesn't work all that well
- The lack of checkpoints is exceptionally frustrating in this game
5 / 10
The gravity gimmick is simultaneously very neat and very janky. You're constantly being thrown here and there, with very little control over how the gravity is going to affect you. Hell, getting out of the pipe at the beginning of the level is often unnecessarily difficult.

Every part of the level I could reach before giving up in frustration had some annoying element to it. I'd get stuck on blocks while trying to flip, the bomb section would take forever, the maze was annoying, the fireball-spewers were very difficult to dodge...

Basically, the lack of checkpoints in this game is incredibly aggravating. It's not that the level design itself is necessarily bad, but having to do it all from the very beginning every time you get stuck on the scenery and have a bomb explode in your face isn't fun.
8 / 10
The graphics are pretty good, and evoke the space-y feeling well. The title screen is a bit weak, though.
8 / 10
The SMG music obviously fits well, and there's nothing wrong with the sound effects either.
Final Words
5 / 10
Play this if you have the patience of a saint or want to experience a pretty unique fangame concept, avoid otherwise.

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