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Game Reviewed New Ultra Mario Earth, by SkyPlumberBeta1
Review Author Roo
Created Sep 24 2021, 11:47 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is a lot like the real-life Earth; completely untenable.
Pros + The graphics are decent
+ Some of the music's passable
Cons - The "game" part is abject dreck
1 / 10
The map screen, if you can even call it that, blows.

At the very beginning of the very first level, there's a brick you can break. If you break it, you have to die.

(Almost?) all of the hills lack collision, allowing you to walk through them.

There's a bit of water in the first level. If you touch it, you can just swim endlessly in the air.

The vertical screen scrolling is really odd, and forces you to do plenty of blind jumping.

The second level isn't even a level, just a pipe to the exit.

The scrolling completely breaks in the third level for some reason, causing it to only scroll when you're at the very edge of the screen. The level also starts in a way where you can't see the ground, making it hard to see where a pit is.

There was a seemingly endless line of Used Blocks in the third level, and I'm not sure if they were meant to be there or if it was the result of some glitch.

Either way, I couldn't beat it, so I quit.

If you couldn't tell yet, this game's kind of a bloody mess.
7 / 10
The graphics are decent for the most part. I like seeing the Black Squirrel tileset.
5 / 10
Mediocre music, meh midis, and overly loud sound effects. Not impressed.
Final Words
2 / 10
It's not the worst MFGG has to offer, but it's getting there.

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