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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros PC, by Dr. Misfire
Review Author sant1507
Created Jan 18 2019, 4:48 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Man, this is a complete disaster. Okay, let me explain you:
The game has an inconsistent way to play - you can't run, you can't jump and walk at the same time and the hitboxes are just terrible. Also, the graphics has a strange, ugly blue border around the corners and the game itself has bad physics. I tried to finish the first level but without so many features it just seems impossible.
Just do not download this.
Pros The game has a "Story", but apparently it just exists on the menu screen.
The icon is cute.
Wii & Wii U soundtrack.
Cons Awful gameplay.
Bad design.
DO NOT support WASD and gamepads.
Bad physics, hitboxes, and so on.
1 / 10
Awful gameplay. Boring at any time and any level.
2 / 10
Just bad. Copied from other fangames and ALL graphics has a strange blue border on the corners. Oh, and they look like 144p.
4 / 10
Just copied from New Super Mario Bros. Wii & U. But it still nice to hear it.
1 / 10
What? You can't even play it once!
Final Words
1 / 10
Please, destroy it. This is a complete, insane disaster. Bad gameplay, low-resolution graphics... Just DO NOT download this.

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Jan 26 2019, 2:27 PM
EDIT: You actually can run/shoot using Z or X and probably you can walk and jump at the same time. I'm sorry for this errors, it was my first review.
PS: The game stills crappy.
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