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Game Reviewed Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition, by Cruise Elroy
Review Author Ostrich101
Created Jan 7 2019, 11:28 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
If you've browsed MFGG for a few years now, you've probably noticed a lot of "joke" games that control terribly, have extremely bad graphics and sound effects, and overall are just not worth your time.

But this game is special, were it actually controls pretty good, the graphics are pretty good, the sound effects are not annoying, and it actually understands the definition of a "game".
Pros -Good controls, and it also includes moves such as the long jump and the backflip, and how many fangames do you see with these moves?
-Pretty good looking graphics, even if they were made to look bad.
-Some of the memes were pretty funny, though some weren't.
Cons -It only has Bob-Omb Battlefield. I'd really like to see the entire game be done, since that has a lot of creative potential.
-Some of the memes weren't that funny.
-The memes that appear when flying with the Wing Cap can get annoying.
10 / 10
It's basically Mario 64, but in 2D and there are memes.

The controls are good, and the fact that this joke games has moves not seen in other fangames also makes this a bit more fun to play.
6 / 10
For a joke game, the graphics are really good even if it's trying to look bad.

Though some parts, such as the background, don't get the same treatment.
4 / 10
They are mostly the same as Mario 64, but some have been changed with memes.

The music gets the same treatment, being remixes from SilvaGunner, who by the way had his channel deleted.

However the Wing Cap theme and the memes that show up when flying are pretty annoying.
7 / 10
Even though the game is only one level, there is a lot of replayability with it.

It could be fun if the normal Mario 64 got boring after a while and you want to shake things up.
Final Words
8 / 10
A good joke game that needs more a lot more content.

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