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Game Reviewed Super Mario - Clone Race, by Hypernova
Review Author Victor ManuelMR
Created Dec 12 2018, 2:00 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
The game is very fun and challenging, with good variations of scenarios and challenges, unfortunately I can not get past the last stage due to a bug, but in general I found it very fun and leave a little taste of want more.
Pros -the game is very fun, to the point of being frantic, even not being so fast.

-the background scenes are beautiful to see, when the races begin

-even with few varieties of obstacles, the level design remains interesting, containing in some parts very unexpected and unexpected.
Cons - the gameplay desires, playable, but still strange, and some parts are a bit complicated with it.

- There could be more obstacles besides the blocks.

-could have more playable characters.
8 / 10
to gameplay and good, I spent a lot of time playing because of the challenge, besides the variations of scenarios and castles.

in compensation, the gameplay could be better than it actually is.
8 / 10
-I do not have much to comment on the graphics, some of them are beautiful and varied, including the castles (even if some of them are practically from the original games).
7 / 10
-the musics are medium to good, some of them combine with the minority phases of them seem not to match (this is already a matter of opinion).
6 / 10
there is no replay factor on account of which are the same phases, without an extra. (maybe have an extra after the last phase, but ...)
Final Words
8 / 10
taking into account that I played only until the penultimate phase, along with the parts that I said, my note is:

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